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National Standards


Considering that the leakage of oil derivatives and other types of fuel can cause underground and superficial water bodies, soil and air contamination;

Considering the risk of fire and explosion, resulting from theses leakages particularly by the fact that part of these establishments are located in densely populated areas;

Art. 1º § 1º 29/11/2000. According to technical standards issued by ABNT - (Brazilian Technical Standards Association) and, by directives established in this Resolution  or by the competent environmental body.

Directive - Art. 1º § 4º... according to the current Brazilian technical standards,  or in the absence of them, internationally accepted standards.

Competent Environmental Body / CONAMA RESOLUTION 273 - Art. 6th Letter f - 29/11/2000. Certificates issued by the Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Normatização e Qualidade Industrial National Institute of Metrology, Normatization and Industrial Quality - INMETRO, or entity accredited by it, certifying the compliance for manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of equipment and systems as provided for in art. 4th of this resolution; I, II, III.

b) ABNT NBR 13783 - Gas and service station - Installation of fuel underground storage system - SASC

8.2.2 - The vapors released by the breather should be directed upwards so as to facilitate its dispersion,  as required by API 1615 and NFPA 30A.

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