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Association Standards

a) API 1615 - Installation of Underground Petroleum Storage Tank Systems. 

9.2.7 - When required by  local order or special conditions, waterproof devices or  other special devices may be required (See NFPA 30).

b) NFPA - National Fire Protection Association 

* Automotive and Marine Service Station Code

** Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code

- NFPA 30A*/ 2003 Edition, subsection 5.6.1 - The vent piping  should meet NFPA 30**, , and requirements.

"The immediate purpose of subsection is to prevent the use of any mechanism which may fully close the tanks normal ventilation and prevent overpressure, specifically if the tank is refueled by means of a  pump instead of gravity". However, subsection requires any mechanism like the one described in the standard so as to alleviate any abnormal pressure, "rupture disks or other ventilation devices for the tank", installed in the tanks ventilation lines.

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