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Get Fuel


Established in 1998, this is an equipment development company for gas and service stations and chemical industries, dedicated to environment protection.

MD.C - DN.2"
MD.C - DN.3"

MAGNETIC Technology.

Manufactured with  2" and 3"

   BSP nominal diameters in nylon resin
   (Zytel FR50 NC010) with flame retardant.

Protected by  screen cut - fire 

   and safety seal.

It has no riveted, welded orscrewed parts,
   comprising only perfect fitting parts.


Get Fuel® Pressure and Vacuum Valve was developed using the original MAGNETIC technology.


It is an Innovative equipment that uses 2 (two) control magnetic discs, which retain vapors and gases in the fuel tanks of service station and chemical industries, in normal operating conditions at low pressure.


In order to achieve such goals, the most rigorous compliance tests were performed by reputable laboratories, complying with International Standards specifications that establish the minimum criteria for application and performance.


Get Fuel® Magnetic Valvue is manufactured with  2" and 3" BSP nominal diameters in nylon resin (Zytel FR50 NC010) with flame retardant, compatible with is application.


It has no riveted, welded or screwed parts, comprising only perfect fitting parts.


In order to install Get Fuel® Magnetic Valve, just screw manually it into the tank vent tubing (vent).

In case the tubing end has a curve or cap, those must be removed, taking precautions to cause no harm to the threads.


Protect the thread with teflon tape. 


During the installation of the Magnetic Valve Get Fuel®:  


  • Basic safety instructions should be followed to avoid inhalation of gases.

Due to its operating conditions of safety, this equipment should be fully replaced, when necessary. 


As required by environmental bodies, in compliance with ABNT - Brazilian Technical Standards Association, the periodic inspection and maintenance in pressure and vacuum valves is mandatory and should meet the safety instructions and the equipment operation procedures contained in the manufacturer's manual. 

In compliance with INMETRO's ordinances, within a maximum of 06 months, all the gas and service stations should be submitted to conduct the preventive maintenance of refueling units. 
Such maintenance should consist, at least, of :

  • Inspection, calibration;

  • General cleaning, replacing whatever is deemed as necessary;

  • Checking the tightness, preventing damages to environment.


Get Fuel Equipamentos Ltda asures to  Get Fuel® Magnetic Valve customer the warranty of the valve regarding material and/or manufecturing faults, provided that it is verified by an authorized Get Fuel technician, for the legal period of 90 days, and for an additional 275 days period, by Get Fuel liberality, starting from the date of the purchase by the first buyer customer, with the purchase confirmed by the invoice, and/or Warranty Certificate, propery filled by the dealer.

Get Fuel Equipamentos Ltda.
CNPJ - 05.580.414/0001-50



ISO - International Organization for Standardization.


CAPCOA - Toxics Committee of California

                   Air Polution Control Officers


CARB -      California Air Resources    

                   Board / CP 201.

                   Vapor Recovery Certification


UL - Underwriters Laboratories / UL842

        Standard for Safety Valves for Flammable Fluids.






Considering that the leakage of oil derivatives and other types of fuel can cause underground and superficial water bodies, soil and air contamination;

Considering the risk of fire and explosion, resulting from theses leakages particularly by the fact that part of these establishments are located in densely populated areas;

Art. 1º § 1º 29/11/2000. According to technical standards issued by ABNT - (Brazilian Technical Standards Association) and, by directives established in this Resolution  or by the competent environmental body.

Directive - Art. 1º § 4º... according to the current Brazilian technical standards,  or in the absence of them, internationally accepted standards.

Competent Environmental Body / CONAMA RESOLUTION 273 - Art. 6th Letter f - 29/11/2000. Certificates issued by the Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Normatização e Qualidade Industrial National Institute of Metrology, Normatization and Industrial Quality - INMETRO, or entity accredited by it, certifying the compliance for manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of equipment and systems as provided for in art. 4th of this resolution; I, II, III.

b) ABNT NBR 13783 - Gas and service station - Installation of fuel underground storage system - SASC

8.2.2 - The vapors released by the breather should be directed upwards so as to facilitate its dispersion,  as required by API 1615 and NFPA 30A.


Based on  CONAMA's (The National Council on the Enviromment) resolution, pressure and vacuum valves  are required by environment control bodies from a number of Brazilian states. These bodies are competent to require the use of devices intended to decrease environmente damage, being the standardization bodies responsible for elaborating standards so as to meet such requirements.












a) API 1615 - Installation of Underground Petroleum Storage Tank Systems. 

9.2.7 - When required by  local order or special conditions, waterproof devices or  other special devices may be required (See NFPA 30).

b) NFPA - National Fire Protection Association 

* Automotive and Marine Service Station Code

** Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code

- NFPA 30A*/ 2003 Edition, subsection 5.6.1 - The vent piping  should meet NFPA 30**, , and requirements.

"The immediate purpose of subsection is to prevent the use of any mechanism which may fully close the tanks normal ventilation and prevent overpressure, specifically if the tank is refueled by means of a  pump instead of gravity". However, subsection requires any mechanism like the one described in the standard so as to alleviate any abnormal pressure, "rupture disks or other ventilation devices for the tank", installed in the tanks ventilation lines.


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